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The Devil's Consort - Chapter 2

Title: The Devil’s Consort – chapter 2
Fandom: Tanz der Vampire
Pairings: Herbert/Alfred (human), implied Alfred/Sarah and Krolock/Alfred, as well as a hint of von Krolock/Alfred
Rating: Nc-17 overall
Disclaimer: The heart of the musical resides in Vienne, though the plot itself belongs to Polanski.
Warnings: A heavy dose of homoeroticism and vampirism... although, perhaps to a greater extent than that of the musical (movie); also maybe dub-con.
POV(s): Predominantly Alfred and Herbert, although I might sneak in something from von Krolock along the way.  
Format: Chaptered
Spoilers/Timeline: Takes place following the end of the musical, supposing Alfred manages to escape Sarah’s bite... Also supposing he doesn’t quite escape von Krolock’s company.
Summary: Once again a prisoner of von Krolock and his kin, Alfred prays to the God that they all claim is dead...
Previous chapter(s): Chapter 1

Chapter - 2 )

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